In the fitness world, myths and half-truths abound and if you are hitting the

gym and not losing weight then you must purge these common mistakes and myths out from your routine to get the workout you need.


Myth #1 You can focus on losing fat from certain body parts.

Fact: Spot-training is not a thing unless you go for liposuction. Fat cells are distributed across your body and if you wish to lose fat in certain areas you need to lose overall body weight.


Myth #2 Crunches are the best way to get abs

Fact: Crunches undoubtedly strengthens muscles of your abdomen but it hardly makes you lose any fat. Toned abs come from a combination of interval training, adequate sleep, utilizing carbs effectively and keeping your stress level low.


Myth #3 Sweating makes you burn calories

Fact: Sweat is the biological way to cool down your skin and regulates internal body temperature.

Getting drenched in sweat after you hit the treadmill doesn’t mean you have torched the extra set of calories. Sweat has nothing to do with weight loss.


Myth #4 Yoga makes you lose weight

Fact: Yoga does not make you lose weight, while it does have other benefits. It improves your flexibility, strength, balance and also keeps your heart safe. Only practicing hot yoga helps in weight loss, not all its forms.


Myth #5 Aerobics helps you to lose weight and boost your metabolism

Fact: It is not a complete myth, aerobics does help you t boost your metabolism but not anything close to what you expect. It only helps you to lose 20 extra calories in a day, which you can hardly count as fat loss.