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Author: Shantanu Kundu

Ultimate frisbee, and why you might want to start playing it!

If there ever existed a sport that prioritized and revolved around human goodwill, it is an ultimate frisbee. First conceptualized in 1968, ‘Ultimate’ is slowly and steadily gaining popularity and is spreading from nation to nation. It is a non-contact, self-refereed and gender inclusive sport.

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Why women should lift weights

In India, there is a stigma surrounding lifting weights, especially for women. It is often presumed that women should not lift weights because it could make them “bulky” and potentially lose their “femininity.” Thankfully for all women out there, this is not true. For someone to get muscular, their body needs to produce a high amount of testosterone, which would increase protein synthesis in the body resulting in muscle growth. There is just not enough testosterone naturally produced in the female body to allow the muscles to grow to the size where it can be considered “bulky.”

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