With increasing focus on employee health, corporate wellness programs are now becoming the order of the day.


A recent study showed that individuals who are engaged in any fitness and wellness programs stay off the work on an average for 2.11 days annually compared to 3.06 days for people with a sedentary lifestyle. This alone clearly states the importance of corporate wellness.

Wellness programs imply to employees that their health and wellbeing are of the equal importance as their productivity. Employers are usually expected to cultivate a healthy workplace environment, improve employee health, and implement strategies to reduce the company cost while enhancing employee’s on-job productivity and efficiency.

Employee’s good health isn’t just beneficial to employees but is equally beneficial to employers. Just like employee training provides a better and valuable resource, investing in their health will provide more effective and consistently available resource.

The cost of unhealthy employees is staggering, such as absenteeism and reduced productivity which is four to seven times the amount an employer will invest in health insurance and worker’s compensation combined.

Corporations have now started to realize the importance of healthy and motivated employees which is why they are working towards encouraging employees to lead a healthier lifestyle and initiate wellness programs in their workplace settings.

Here are some benefits of wellness program for employees:

  •    Improved physical strength, stamina, and general wellbeing
  •    An improved focus at work
  •    Increased job satisfaction and a positive outlook on life
  •    Better relation with co-workers

Benefits of wellness program for employers:

  •    Attract and retain good employees with reduced employee turnover
  •    Increased productivity
  •    Reduced absenteeism
  •    Job satisfaction, increased morale with strong organizational commitments
  •    Better corporate image and loyal employees by promoting health and wellness beyond the workplace

Investing in employee’s health and wellness is as beneficial to employers as it is to employees. Wellness programs custom designed for corporate are proven to be beneficial and cost-effective.

If you are looking for a comprehensive wellness program for your employees, please get in touch with us.