Who doesn’t want to finish a workout knowing that they have not only burnt calories, but also bettered their health? However, zombie walking for forty minutes on the treadmill can hardly be justified as a ‘workout’ and certainly would not burn as many calories as you would like. Bottom line is the more stimulating the workout, the more calories burnt. If only there was a magic formula for you to follow that would ensure that you would burn more calories every single workout, right?

Well, it exists, and it is a range:

[(220 – Age) x 0.6 to (220 – Age) x 0.8] beats per minute.

This formula tells you the range of your heartbeat for you to burn the maximum number of calories during a workout. It differs by age, for example, if an individual following the workout is twenty years old his heart rate should be between a hundred and twenty to hundred and sixty beats per minute, however, if he is sixty it should be between ninety-six and a hundred and twenty-eight beats per minute. When exercising within this range, it ensures that you burn more calories than you normally would.

But, what if you don’t own a fitness tracker?

What should you do then? It is simple, the general rule of thumb for staying within this limit, is you should not be able to breathe comfortably through your nose (or be able to hold a conversation), but at the same time you should not be gasping for air, it should be somewhere in the middle. Following this will ensure you see your desired results, sooner than expected!