If there ever existed a sport that prioritized and revolved around human goodwill, it is an ultimate frisbee. First conceptualized in 1968, ‘Ultimate’ is slowly and steadily gaining popularity and is spreading from nation to nation. It is a non-contact, self-refereed and gender inclusive sport.

  • Being gender neutral, the sport provides opportunities galore for both women and men equally. At any given point of time, there will be seven players (from each team) on the field in the ratio of either 4 women and 3 men or vice versa.
  • Unlike most sports, in ultimate frisbee every player on the team is involved in each aspect of the game. Either you are running to catch the disc, or you are running to make sure your opponent players don’t.
  • Due to this constant activity, frisbee is almost a HIIT workout as you run in short, intense bursts and recover after a point is scored.
  • As it is a non-contact sport, injuries are almost non-existent.
  • At the end of every game a ‘spirit circle’ is held in which both teams sit together and discuss the happenings of the game while also sharing doubts and bringing up instances of good play.
  • The circle ends with both teams cheering for the other with their respective chants, leaving everyone in a good mood irrespective of the outcome of the game!


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Here are the rules of the game!