In India, there is a stigma surrounding lifting weights, especially for women. It is often presumed that women should not lift weights because it could make them “bulky” and potentially lose their “femininity.” Thankfully for all women out there, this is not true. For someone to get muscular, their body needs to produce a high amount of testosterone, which would increase protein synthesis in the body resulting in muscle growth. There is just not enough testosterone naturally produced in the female body to allow the muscles to grow to the size where it can be considered “bulky.”

For all the superstitions that shroud weightlifting, here are some reasons why women should lift weights:

1.It is undeniably the best method to lose weight and burn those calories:

Lifting weights burn more calories as it takes more energy for our body to maintain muscle tissue than to maintain fat tissue- burning more calories through the process. The process of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) also burns a lot of calories as our body needs to constantly replenish our aching muscles with nutrients.

2. It prevents osteoporosis:

By lifting weights, you can prevent osteoporosis (weakening of the bones), a disease which majorly affects women around the globe. While lifting weights you stretch and engage your muscles and tendons which results in micro tears. This added stress makes the bones stronger.

3. It is cathartic in nature:

There is no better stress buster than lifting weights! Either after a long day’s work or first thing in the morning, weight training has been linked with stress reduction and its cathartic nature will leave you feeling happy at the end of your workout.

4. Helps reduce the risk of diabetes (or better control it)

The process of lifting weights helps our body process sugar more efficiently which can help prevent diabetes in the long run. For diabetics, strength training has shown help control blood sugar levels and, in some cases, better than drugs.

5. Improves the quality of sleep

Strength training has been linked to tiring you both physically and mentally which results in deeper, better and less interrupted sleep.

It is unfortunate that such an effective form of training is shrouded in superstition, but it should not stop ladies from lifting!